Artist Bio

I was born in Vancouver in 1944.  I have one older sister.  Both parents are now deceased.

I attended many different schools mainly because the educational system knew nothing about dyslexia or how to even deal with it.  The only solution at the time was remedial class.

I was basically very intelligent, but that was never recognized because I could not keep up academically.

I was always very creative and had a very vivid imagination.  I put these attributes to good use while living in a solitude environment aloof from the social norm.

In spite of all the difficulties I had to endure as a result of my shortcomings, I eventually came to realize that creators are leaders, not followers, and that is one of the reasons why I never followed the academic school system.

Many dyslexic people become very active in all forms of art including sports.

There are many performers along with visual artists that are world renowned that did poorly in school as a result of dyslexia.

My artistic endeavours are becoming more recognized.  I’ve had many successful art showings including articles about me in some local newspapers.

At times, I get depressed because I have always felt degraded because I could never measure up to certain standards that are expected from other people.  I feel vulnerable when my learning disability is put to the test.

I quit public school when I was sixteen.  Remedial classes were an insult to my real intelligence.

I enrolled in the Vancouver School of Art when I was 17 and was fortunate enough to have some of the best instructors in the field of art.  One of my instructors was the infamous Canadian Artist, Jack Shadbolt, who always brought out the best in his students.

Abilities are to be shared on any subject, it’s all a matter of recognition and appreciation,

- Gary Liemen -